OUT NOW: ISSUE #9 the elderly

FEAT. Stained Hanes of 718TV // Michael Van Gore of ANATOMY OF THE HEADS // Nick Dove  // Roman D'Ambrosio // Yasman  Mansoori // Mia  // A sacrificial goat // william // Miles Angerson  // MZ Joey  // Thot Catalogue // K.K. // DwaYne Hoover // Ben Dreith //Hister Grant

In this very special issue of CARS & WOMEN MAGAZINE, we're rolling out the red carpet for the elderly, because apparently, they've mastered the art of growing old gracefully. Join us in this 60-PAGE extravaganza as we dive headfirst into their riveting world of chronic back pain, award-winning arthritis, and bingo nights. We just can't help but share heartwarming stories passed down through generations of how to deal with creaky joints and rediscover the thrill of shuffleboard. Featured within these pages are keen observers of senior living, from Stained Hanes of 718TV and Michael Van Gore of ANATOMY OF THE HEADS, whose expertise with aging is unparalleled on the internet. With contributions from esteemed enthusiasts of... well, senior erotica, like Nick Dove, Roman D' Ambrosio, Yasman Mansoori, Mia, and yes, even a heartwarming tale from A Sacrificial Goat (because why not?), our aim is to fill your minds with erotic images of dentures and walkers. We salute the so-called wisdom of seniors like William, Ben Dreith, Thot Catalog, K.K., Hister Grant, Miles Angerson, Joey, and other ancient relics who've generously spilled the beans on their elderly secrets. Join us in celebrating life's geriatric adventures, reminding us that each episode is a saga of denture adhesive, resilience, and the sheer thrill of... well, we're not quite sure what they're thrilled about, but they seem to be having a good time!