Coming soon: ISSUE #6 death

FEAT. Stained Hanes of 718TV // Michael Van Gore  of ANATOMY OF THE HEADS //  Munoxxus // HISTER GRANT //  T.R. Hudson // THOMAS L. HUTTON //  Alex Osman //  Jonah Howell //  AAron cummings // WITH ART BY @mzjoseph7

On a quiet autumn night, you venture out into the city to zip a lukewarm coffee in one of the many mega malls. Hunched over your genetically modified beverage, you contemplate your existence and soon come to find that you as well as your friends and family are dead. Even your beloved pets will turn to dust at some point in time. We just distract ourselves with timely issues, such as whose mother is a bigger whore. Like intrusive thoughts of death, North America's leading magazine of rejected and unpublished literature returns. Presented in glorious Xerox quality and delivered by our finest mail girls, this very special issue of CARS&WOMEN MAGAZINE brings you the nightmare visions of Stained Hanes from 718TV, Michael van Gore from Anatomy of the Heads, Munoxxus, Hister Grant, Thomas L. Hutton, T.R. Hudson, Jonah Howell, Alex Osman and Aaron Cummings. With exclusive art by