FEAT. Stained Hanes of 718TV // Michael Van Gore  of ANATOMY OF THE HEADS // ALEXANDER KATTKE // HISTER GRANT // SADDAM OF SHIZOID.TV // roman d'Ambrosio // Nuclear Circus

Inflation, burning food production plants, shortages, John Galt and something about Ukraine. The world seems to be turning into a Great Depression fever dream right before our eyes. Time for North America's most wanted magazine of rejected and unpublished literature to rise from the grave to shit on the doom and gloom! This special finger-on-the-button back-to-the-Cold-War issue features the political intrigue of Stained Hanes from 718TV, Michael Von Gore from Anatomy of the Heads, Alexander Kattke, Hister Grant, Saddam from Shitoid.TV, Roman D'Ambrosio, and Nuclear Circus. And remember, Cars & Women Magazine is delivered to you in glorious Xerox quality, and with every issue sold, [INSERT WHATEVER IS BOTHERING YOU] eases its stranglehold on your noble ego.