FEAT. Stained Hanes of 718TV // Michael Van Gore  of ANATOMY OF THE HEADS //  T.R. Hudson // MOONPAY //  J.L. Mackey // Jonah Quest //  IBN KhAYBAR //  THE PRUDENTIALIST //  CLUSTER // KAROD KINTZ // WITH ART BY D-Man

North America's leading magazine of rejected and unpublished literature returns with piss and vinegar to present you miscellaneous ramblings about life from the soft white underbelly of the internet. Presented in glorious Xerox quality and delivered by our finest mail girls, this very special issue of CARS & WOMEN MAGAZINE brings you life advice from Stained Hanes from 718TV, Michael van Gore from Anatomy of the Heads, T.R. Hudson,  MOONPAY,  J.L. Mackey, Jonah Quest, Ibn Khaybar, THE PRUDENTIALIST, CLUSTER, and JAROD KINTZ. WITH ART BY D-Man